Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Missanelli vs. Akers

We knew there was a reason we were excited when Mike Missanelli returned to 610-WIP.

Missanelli and Eagles kicker David Akers went at it yesterday on the air towards the end of Missanelli and Anthony Gargano’s mid-day show. And the fireworks continued for over 10 minutes until Missanelli hung up on Akers.

The day after Akers kicked the game-winning field goal in the Eagles’ 23-20 win over the Oakland Raiders on Sept. 25 – despite a torn hamstring – Missanelli questioned the over-dramatizing of Akers’ postgame theatrics. Akers was crying after his 23-yard boot, and as Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb helped carry him off the field. And then on his way off the field, Akers scooped up his son to the halleluiahs of adoring Birds fans. Missanelli thought Akers got carried away.

Two weeks later and apparently still angry over Missanelli’s comments, Akers responded. He called in, went on air and was obviously irate with Missanelli. The debate was contentious but civil until Akers started by saying, “If you were a professional athlete …”

Missanelli took exception and told Akers that he wasn’t a professional athlete, only a kicker. Akers said something that sounded an awful lot like he was calling Missanelli out. The two went back and forth, with Missanelli calling Akers a “girl” and a “drama queen” – Meow! -- and Akers questioning Missanelli’s credentials until … click, Missanelli cut Akers off. Gargano, who was silent for most of the exchange, then went to commercial.

That wasn’t it. Akers’ agent Gerald Colton then called in and tried to get his client’s back, but Missanelli was still hot. “He was acting like a girl,” said Missanelli. “And then he shoved the professional athlete thing down my throat.”

The show soon ended and the tactful Howard Eskin was on.

This morning, a contrite Missanelli apologized saying “I got way in the gutter, where I shouldn’t have.”

A former WIP personality from 1992-2003, Missanelli returned to the all-sports talk radio station this summer after a brief stint with 93.3-WMMR. Both Missanelli and Gargano are former Inquirer writers.


Blogger Tom G, ballssticksstuff.com said...

When I moved back to PA from VA a few months ago, I was very eager to listen to Philly sports talk radio. I quickly found that WIP is unbearable from 10 AM to 7PM

6:55 PM  
Blogger bossrjc said...

Philly deserves better. Eskin is a know it all who never never admits he is wrong. His rude antics are not only difficult to listen to but embarassing. He in a true legend in his own mind. What ever awards he has won were won when he was a true interviewer. He knows much less than he thinks. Cataldo is lost in his belief that he is great. Quite simply. He too is lost in himself. Misdsanelli... really who is this guy and why does he deserve thai attention.. Next announcer please.

10:40 PM  

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